The Renovated Parenting Conference began with an idea. There had to be a better way to equip parents with tools for discipleship.

Traditional conferences demand a lot of commitment. There are childcare needs, registration fees, and perhaps the greatest sacrifice of all – time. How easy is it to drop everything and travel to an all-day conference? And even when parents do find a way to get there, how much of an impact does it really make when attendees don’t develop relationships and follow-up is practically non-existent?

The Renovated Parenting Conference was designed to eliminate some of these common barriers. The format gives your church the chance to equip families within your own community. The teaching is built around a single topic and each session is followed by round-table discussions about the content just presented. Added together, the Renovated Parenting Conference provides an event that’s tailor-made for parents and easy for your church to host.

The Conference began as a single event in 2018 as a joint-initiative by MB Seminary and Northwest Baptist Seminary. The continued demand for parenting resources has sparked the development of additional sessions. Here’s a summary of the topics we’ve covered:

Called to Disciple – February 2018

Session 1 – Called to Disciple
Are parents uniquely called by God to disciple their children? If so, why is this God’s design and why don’t we see more evidence of it happening?
Dwight Stephen | Children’s Pastor, Northview Community Church (Abbotsford, BC)

How Do I Do That?
Do you know what you’re aiming for and how to get there? This session will help you develop a discipleship goal and develop tactics to realize it.
Chris Ross | Children and Family Pastor, Central Community Church (Chilliwack, BC)

Fake Parenting: When We Confuse Ourselves With God
This session will equip you to practically and prayerfully prepare for important parenting conversations before, during, and after they happen.
Mark Wessner | President and Associate Professor of Biblical Studies for Leadership, MB Seminary

Responsible Discipline – October 2018

Session 1 – Redefining Discipline: Why Should I Bother?
Keith Reed | Director of MinistryLift, MB Seminary

Session 2 – What is my Child Thinking?
Nate Searle | Behavioural Analyst, ABLE Developmental Clinic

Session 3 – What Discipline Will Work Best for My Child?
Nate Searle | Behavioural Analyst, ABLE Developmental Clinic

Screen Time – February 2019

Session 1 – Impacts on the Body
Alisha Stobbe
 | Clinical Counsellor, Experience Change Counselling

Session 2 – Cyberbullying, Pornography, and Sexting 
Alisha Stobbe
 | Clinical Counsellor, Experience Change Counselling

Session 3 – Parents as the Solution 
Alisha Stobbe | Clinical Counsellor, Experience Change Counselling