Who is this conference designed for?  
Parents are the intended audience, but pastors and anyone else who ministers to and equips parents are also invited to attend. The specific purpose of the Responsible Discipline event is to help participants understand the impulses behind their child’s behaviour so they can respond with effective instruction and correction.

How old should my child be for me to benefit?
Parents who have children age 6-16 will benefit the most from the Responsible Discipline event. Nate Searle, our plenary speaker, will cover overarching concepts and principles that will span various ages, but his practical suggestions will be directed toward two age groups: children who are 6-12 and adolescents who are 12-16.

When is the conference?
Saturday, October 27, 2018, from 9 – noon (Pacific Daylight Time).

How much does the conference cost?
The registration cost is $49/couple, $25/individual, and $15/single parent.

Who is directing the conference?
The conference is organized and sponsored by MB Seminary and Northwest Baptist Seminary, two seminaries that regularly partner together (each is part of the ACTS Seminaries consortium in Langley, BC). Registrations will be managed through MinistryLift, which provides leadership training through MB Seminary.

Where is the conference being held?
The conference will be simulcast to multiple host churches (click here to see the current locations) throughout Western Canada, providing the same plenary teaching experience to each location. When parents register for the conference, they will choose the location they wish to attend. Churches in other provinces can also choose to host the event as long as they clearly communicate the time difference (i.e. a host church in Alberta will need to adjust its time to 10-1 MST).

Can we be a host church?
We hope so! Click here to learn how you can become a host church.  

What is the format?
Attendees will watch live teaching that’s displayed on screen and then participate in interactive table discussions with other parents. Click here to view the schedule.  

Will the presenters respond to audience questions?
The plenary speakers will reply to audience questions during the final session of the conference. Questions can be submitted via email during the day and these will be relayed by the conference host.

What does the reference to “Renovated Parenting” mean?   
The Responsible Discipline event falls under the Renovated Parenting Conference. The name refers to the renovations that are needed in many areas of our lives. We need check-ups to ensure our current approach to child-rearing matches the biblical foundation we believe in. Renovated Parenting seeks to provide tools and support to help parents raise their children to honour God.

Is childcare provided? Can children attend?
Each host church will determine whether they will offer childcare service. Nursing infants under 9 months of age can attend with their mother.

If my schedule changes, can I get a refund on my registration?
Refunds will not be issued, but registrations are transferable. You can transfer your registration by contacting us through the online form and indicating who will take your place.