A Simulcast Event to Help Churches Equip Parents

We believe there’s a better way to equip parents than by sending them to a conference. Traditional conferences demand a lot of commitment. There are childcare needs, registration fees, and perhaps the greatest sacrifice of all – time. How easy is it to drop everything and travel to an all-day conference? And even when parents do find a way to get there, how much of an impact does it really make when attendees don’t develop relationships and follow-up is practically non-existent?

The Renovated Parenting Conference is designed to eliminate some of these common barriers. The format gives your church the chance to equip families within your own community. The teaching is built around a single topic and each session is followed by round-table discussions about the content just presented. Added together, the Renovated Parenting Conference provides an event that’s tailor-made for parents and easy for your church to host.